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Reach Your Goals!

The primary goals of sports nutrition are to optimize your athletic performance, support optimal health, and enhance recovery.

Sports nutrition aims to provide athletes with the necessary nutrients, fluids, and energy to meet the demands of training, competition, and overall physical activity. Let's explore the key goals of sports nutrition:

Start strong. Eat a healthy breakfast. If you don’t, you will tend to overeat the rest of the day.

Curb your appetite. Drink a glass of water before every meal. It will help you fill up faster and help you eat less.

Slow down. Eat slower and taste your food. Give your mind time to send the message to you that you’re satisfied.

Stay active. Exercise. Move more and eat less. Eating and exercise go hand in hand, one of the quickest ways to get you to your goals.

Pick healthier foods at least 70% of the time. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and good protein sources are all essential to a healthy body’s diet. It can be a shock to the system for people who don’t typically eat well. Combine it with a high quality nutrition program.

Water instead of alcohol.  Drinking water in place of alcohol will keep you hydrated and keep your energy level high. It will also help to avoid taking on unnecessary calories.

By addressing these goals through personalized nutrition plans, you can optimize their performance, improve recovery, and maintain long-term health and well-being. Consulting with a sports nutritionist can provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to develop individualized nutrition strategies aligned with their specific sport, training demands, and goals.

Ask us about sports nutrition suppliers in your area.

Foods and Junk You Better Avoid

It is important to cut out all processed foods too. This will ensure a recruit is ready for the nutritional changes at basic training. In addition, this is a great way to get a body fit and ready for the demanding physical stress to come.

Avoid anything that is processed, refined, or enriched. All of that means it is unhealthy. Fast food means FAT FOOD. Junk food is not food, it's just junk.

Stop eating fast food, junk food, candy, and all that other fatty food. No soda, no cookies, no sweets. No bread unless it is whole grain.

Only eat fruit after a workout because most of it has naturally occurring sugars in them so you will burn it up quicker if you eat it afterwards.

Only drink water and fresh squeezed juice. Nothing else. Most other drinks contain a lot of unwanted sugar.

If you smoke, stop right away! Cigarettes stink and are tactically unsound for resuscitation training.

Don’t wait until the last minute to quit smoking and drinking. Smokers have the hardest time with powerful swim training. You need to remember how difficult boot camp will be without adding nicotine withdrawals to the mix. In addition, it will be so much easier to run and swim with clean lungs!

Give up alcohol as it makes getting into shape so much more difficult. Quit your vices gradually over 30 days.

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